The Relevance between New Tumblr Agreement and PC industry

So it can be easily stated the improvement of technology is not as fast as 10 years ago.

IBM sold its PC department to Chinese Lenovo, which recently acquired Motorola from Google and IBM Server Departments. The goal of Lenovo is to provide smartphones in a reasonably cheap price for the countries that are developing, and maybe becoming a telecommunication provider in the future.

The profits from PC industry still exist, apparently, but the major decline can not be ignored. The reason beneath, can it be the consumerism of people, exclusive profits which resulted into higher capacity and durability of PCs after the vanilla years, and after perfecting it, they are simply done?

In other words, PCs and TVs are reaching the inevitable end? Or will they manage to transform into something else?

The same question goes by for Facebook, Tumblr(which has been acquired by Yahoo and the new agreement i saw earlier gave me the idea about this post), Pinterest, Yahoo, you name it.

So there are academic studies that predict 80% decline in Social Network industry, but apparently, noone is taking theory seriously, as usual, and keeping investing in something that is already perfected(or about to be, in my opinion).

I think we will all see the fate of TVs, Social Networks and PCs in time.

Only thing I can say about the matter, is that I simply can not wait for the telepathy era, if we as humans manage evolve, just like technological devices, as well.